Unraveling Packages

Extra-Ordinary Poetry Show

New Laces in Old Shoes: Unraveling the Knots of Church & Scripture

“New Laces in Old Shoes” is Rebecca’s debut poetry show. Featuring 6 original poems in her distinct style & voice, she shares a journey of “unraveling the knots of church & scripture.” Her words, heart & honesty will move you to laugh, cry, wonder & maybe write a poem of your own. Rebecca brings her full self, inspiring energy & queer joy to each performance. The show is approximately 1 hour in length. The show has been offered as a stand-alone event and as a full worship service. The format is easily adapted to fit your specific space and context.


Includes author Q+A, book signing, and 1 complimentary copy of Unraveling for your collective library.

Engaging Sermon

Unraveling: Hems, Healing & Power
Scripture: Mark 5: 21-43

The Gospel of Mark, like that of Matthew and Luke, tells the story of a long-suffering woman, who defies religious rules and social norms to initiate her own healing. Her healing comes from touching the frayed hem of Jesus’ garment. The exchange is transformative for the woman, for Jesus, and for us today. It also leaves some dangling questions.

Why was it so difficult for her to get to the One with the power to heal? Why were there so many obstacles in her way? Has your experience of the church brought harm or healing? Would those suffering around you come to your church to be healed? What does it even mean to be healed?

Does healing energy flow from garments or from the unraveling of power and tradition? Is it faith that makes us well or a desire to claim our belovedness and live authentically? With gentle grace and vulnerable honesty, Rebecca weaves her experience of coming out as a queer lesbian and leaving ministry in the United Methodist Church with that of the woman’s suffering and healing. Rebecca shares, “church has been a source of healing in my life. It has also been an experience I need to heal from.”

This stirring sermon is not simply about unraveling hems, healing, and power, but also about the beauty and joy that comes when as individuals and communities we embrace the gift of becoming.


Includes fully designed worship service (hymns, readings, prayers, litanies), Author Q+A, book signing, and 1 complimentary copy of Unraveling for your collective library.

Empowering Workshop

Putting New Laces in Old Shoes

Faith deconstruction is now a common practice. Many engaged in this difficult and transformative work, are not consciously aware they are even doing it or that they are not alone in the process. Questioning and evaluating what we believe and why we believe it is an on-going endeavor and not a one-time event. For some, a moment arrives when there is also a desire to begin putting our faith back together. This rebuilding may include elements of past faith experiences, but it is not an exact replica.

Designed around the 6 poems of The New Laces in Old Shoes: Unraveling the Knots of Church & Scripture Extra-ordinary Poetry Show, this workshop is for individuals who are re-imagining the role of church and religion in their lives AND who seek to explore expanded ways of practicing faith and spirituality. Through poetry, storytelling, journaling, conversation, silence, nature, art, and various modes of creativity, participants will reflect deeply and honestly on the faith experiences that have shaped their lives, letting go of beliefs and practices that no longer fit and making room for creating ones that do.

The Workshop format is for a one-day event, approximately 6 hours in length.  It may also be offered as a retreat spanning multiple days. Rebecca will work with you to create an offering to meet the needs and goals of your group or community.

Available for bookings after August 1, 2024.

Special introductory rate of $1000 for workshop bookings scheduled before December 31, 2024.

Please contact Rebecca for retreat format pricing and planning possibilities.

The Complete Unraveling Package

All of Threads 1, 2 & 3 and the life shifting gifts of
Unraveling…becoming who we are.


(Threads separately priced at $2000. Schedule the complete package and $ave.)

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