Coming Out and Back Together

Unraveling Book Cover
Unraveling Book Cover

The Gospels introduce a woman suffering for many years, who is healed after touching the frayed hem of Jesus’ garment. Unraveling: Coming Out and Back Together, introduces another individual’s journey from shame and suffering to wholeness. These 21 pieces speak truth to the undeniable ways the church heals and the unholy ways the church harms. Curated in liturgical seasons, Rebecca’s words will break your heart and fill it as her poetry weaves together an experience of answering a call to ministry in The United Methodist Church, pursuing ordination, embracing her queer sexuality, and making the unbelievably difficult and amazingly liberating decision to walk away. Her story leads us to question if healing energy flows from garments or from the unraveling of power and tradition. Is it faith that makes us well or a desire to claim our belovedness and live authentically?

Unraveling isn’t bad or to be avoided at all costs. Sometimes things have to come undone so that new things, better things, more beautiful, amazing, and authentic things can come together.

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